Features of ESE

  • All editors are native English speakers
  • All editors are expert scientists with PhDs
  • All editors have >10 years postdoc experience
  • No freelance editors
  • Manuscripts published in >300 journals
  • Clients in >35 countries
  • Client retention rate of >95%
  • Transparent pricing policy
  • Volume discounts of up to 10%
  • Guaranteed editing quality
  • Comprehensive feedback about editing
  • Assured privacy, data security, and reliability
  • Professional, friendly communications
  • Rapid replies to emails; the red box above gives the current response time (if your browser's cache is refreshed)
  • Company operating for 15 years
  • No marketeers or other noneditors employed
  • Website designed and coded by us, so no cookies, tracking, or malware

The cost of our service varies with the turnaround date, typically from NZ$ 32 to NZ$ 39 per 270 words for turnarounds of a few days to a few weeks, respectively. This page normally displays the currently available turnaround dates and the associated editing costs. However, due to the summer holiday period in New Zealand, ESE has no more editing capacity available until February 2018.

Our usual cost and turnaround matrix and other related information will reappear on this page on 4 February 2018.